"Mamma Mia!"

Rating: ★★★★
Category: Movies
Genre: Romantic Comedy

….I watched “MAMMA MIA!” this afternoon and I really enjoyed it….!!!! *emangagaktelat ,orang²dahpadanontonlaskarpelangi*
What a summer movie!!!!…
You must see it….!!

See Meryl Streep could dance highy energic & lively and also sing a lot, and Pierce Brosnan could sing,too *wow*….
They were so impressed me.. (konon, mereka di-train langsung oleh Björn Ulvaeus & Benny Andersson – para personil ABBA).
I am not an ABBAfan mainly….but hearing their songs in “MAMMA MIA!” has made me appreciate their music more….*brasa back to 70`s-80`s*
My favorite scene is when Donna, Rosie & Tanya (and all other girls in the island) sing “Dancing Queen”…juga pas si Sophie nyanyi “I Have a Dream” & “ Thank You For The Music”…She has a very sweet & clear voice!!

Untuk scene²nya juga sangat colourful,
..colours of walls, flowers, very exotic blue-green clear sea *so Greek, bikin ngilerrrr*, fun costumes, highly energietic choreography…
Hhmm….Brighten my day….menaikkan “mood” sekali… 🙂
and also, you can sing along the songs (kayak karaoke).
Jalan ceritanya juga…bole lha…about family, friendship & love..
Di mix sama beberapa scene menarik, lucu & menyenangkan, yang bikin geleng² kepala liat pada lincah² smua..

So…I really recommend this movie especially if you’re into musical type of movies….
Terutama untuk para oom² & tante², bisa mengingat masa muda dulu… 😛

“…Tonight the Super Trouper
lights are gonna find me
Shining like the sun
Smiling, having fun
feeling like a number one….
…Tonight the Super Trouper
beams are gonna blind me
But I won’t feel blue
Like I always do
‘Cause somewhere in the crowd there’s you…”

Songs :
Cchiquitita, Dancing Queen; Does Your Mother Know; Gimme!Gimme! Gimme!; Honey, Honey; I Do, I Do, I Do, I Do; I Have a Dream; Knowing Me, Knowing You; Lay All Your Love On Me; Mamma Mia; Money, Money, Money; One Of Us; Our Last Summer; Slipping Through My Fingers; S.O.S. Super Trouper; Take a Chance On Me; Thank You For the Music; The Name of the Game; The Winner Takes It All; Under Attack; Voulez-Vou.


12 thoughts on “"Mamma Mia!"

  1. HAHAHAHA!!!
    gw donk nonton 2x,
    2 hari berturut²,
    di studio & mall yang sama 😛

    “Don't go wasting your emotion
    Lay all your love on me
    Don't go sharing your devotion
    Lay all your love on me….”

  2. hehehehe…
    met nonton kalo gitu….:)

    “Mamma mia, here I go again
    My my, how can I resist you….
    Mamma mia, does it show again
    My my, just how much I've missed you…..”


  3. mantaap…Mammamia…baru aja abis pulang nonton..dengan ornag2 yang aku sayangi…rendy debby yoel dan andrea…hari yang indah..
    'cheering ur day, ..katanya Alice…:) bener banget tuh….Pingin nonton lagi..
    “Mamma mia, here I go again
    My my, how can I resist you….
    Mamma mia, does it show again
    My my, just how much I've missed you…..”

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