Thank You Lord…


Dear Lord……………………

Today I Thank You…

Thank You that I am “fearfully and wonderfully” made.

Thank You for Family that always give loves & cares…

Thank You for Friends that always give “colours” in my life…

Thank You for other people around me

Thank You for a day to remember…

And Thank You for all “the Gifts & Blessings” that You give to me until this day…


I celebrate that Gifts with gratitude and hope….

I look forward to tomorrow and the next day and the next trusting in Your presence and grace.

For all my years I thank You even as I thank You for this new year head and dedicate it to You….






 in this is prayer….

I pray to You to lead me and guide me in Your ways.

Let me stay in Your word and grow in Your understanding.

Let me  always be in Your presence, and never turn my back on Your truth.

I pray for  the strength to keep fighting,  the courage to stand up on my faith.

Let me find comfort and solace in Your word, and to understand I am never alone.

Allow others to encourage me and teach me Your ways,

but also give me the understanding to do so on my own.

Let me walk in the  truth and Your Glory shine through me.

I dedicate my life to Your will…


Because You are worthy of all Honor!!






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