…Silent Cry…

I can see the pain in your eyes,

But, your eyes are dry,

You won`t cry…


I know you are a very tough woman

But, there is no human can life like a stone

With no emotion…

With no feeling…


I know when you through the bad times,

You never show your heart sounds,

Even when you suffer form a loss,

I could only hear your silent cry….


And I just want you to know…


If sadness were a color,

It would be black.

As dark as the sky in the night.

If sadness were a taste,

It would be as bitter as a deadly poison.

If sadness were a smell,

It would be as narrow as smoke in the locked room.

If sadness were a sounds,

It would be as quite as silent in the deep dark sea.

If sadness were a feeling

It would be as torn into a million pieces….



if you feel that sadness..

You can drop your tears

At least once in your life….



Life is a sparkling flower,
Flowing with colors from the rainbow of God,
Shinning with the rays of a summer sun,
But someday that flower must wither away….

by Jeremy Rogers



9 thoughts on “…Silent Cry…

  1. enggak..eike mah lagi riang gembira.. :)) 😀
    cuma..heran aja sama org yang “lempeng”, doesn`t show her emotion di kala sedih/susah…

    shakira, mau kenalan sama ucrit ga??? :))
    ntar saling jilet aza.. :p

  2. hmm… orang yang “lempeng” gitu ga bagus sebetulnya….karena lama2 bisa meledak.. dan yang tipe bom waktu begini ini niiih yang repot! 😦 ajakin ngomong aja terus, ntar juga jadi terbuka.. kita yang harus sabar. dia bakalan apreciate kok belakangannya! namanya temen kan saling bantu. ya ngga? 🙂

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